Money Slave Videos

Become a money slave and PAY!

Lady Milena loves wine. She enjoys buying the finest wine and drinking it when she is ready to. Now that her slave works, she doesn't have to pay for her wine anymore. She makes her slave do it. She knows that some of the wine she enjoys are expensive and a struggle for her slave to pay for alone. When Lady Milena is pleased with her slave, she won't open the wine and she won't tell her slave either.

When Nikki decides to take over a slave financially, she has a soft and sweet way to do it. She hypnotizes them. They are stopped by her beauty and loves to listen to her soothing voice. AS they go under hypnosis, she tells her new slaves they have to pay to be with her. She enjoys having her slaves pay for her lifestyle. She can't find other uses for her slaves.

When Black Diamoond sends her slave into the work force, she knew that she would be getting a huge portion of his check. She knows that he will bring it to her because that is what she demands. She tells him daily that she should be paid to suffer his being around her. She loves it when he begs her to pay attention to him on pay day. She makes him beg to give her money.

Whens her slave gets paid, he knows that he should be coming to see her immediately. She will wait for him in her favorite heels and skirt. She enjoys telling him that he owes her for putting up with his presence. She knows that he will do anything to stay near her. She demands 75% of his pay and requires a gift as well. She loves being able to tell her slave what she wants and getting it.

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to do! You look so afraid...!? This isn't my problem! I always told you that I want more money - and you haven't give me enough! Ok, you gave me some more money but I want even MORE! So let us find out what you have in your room... I will take away everything worth it! The flat screen, your notebook and your smartphone. You are not allowed to own luxury! So will will take everything away... stupid bitch! :D

You are such a pathetic loser! Your dick is sooo small! Do you believe you can do anything with such a tiny thing? Of course, NO! I am sure that you are still a virgin! Of course you are, it is impossible to have sex with your tiny small thing! But this isn't everything! Humiliation isn't everything you deserve... You have to pay! You have to pay the "tiny dick tax"! So come on and pay me, loser!

Then give it to me! I will spend all your money! You tell me that you haven't much money...? This is no problem... Just give everything to me and stop spending your cash for useless stuff like your car, your home, your wife! Just look at my hot body and I'm sure that you cannot resist me! Do you ever saw such a beauty talking with you? I'm sure your wife is a fat and ugly bitch! I am instead everything you always dreamed...!

Yeah, that's right! You will become my bitch! You will have to bring me a lot of money because I am your money goddess! Do you have an idea how to earn so much money? I can give you a hint: Just wear this dress and make up your face and... Or do you have another idea of earning money? The main point is: I want YOUR MONEY, slut! So come and pay me now! And buy the clip!

You white trash have to pay! You are a big piece of shit! You are nothing! There is only one reason why you are on earth: To PAY! To pay her luxurious lifestyle! Goddess Kim wants to buy some new sexy outfits! She wants to go shopping! And she wants to spend money! She wants to spend YOUR money! So come on, get the clip and pay her - NOW, you white piece of ugly shit!

Snobby princess Goddess Perfecta is a really cute but sadistic brat girl! And she loves to hurt men! While her cuckold lies down on the floor she calls me. She tells me that this loser has given her his hard earned money so we can spend it! This is so humiliating! But it's also a lot of fun! And this loser deserves nothing else! He has to pay her and me too! :D

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