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Become a money slave and PAY!

Lindsey Leigh is a long-legged brunette Mistress wearing a black tank top and blue jeans. She gives you a hard decision of which sex toy you want to use by showing you black and white dildos. The leggy goddess pulls down her denim jeans to expose her cute butt and white panties. She will make you suck the white dildo before she lets you any where near her hot rear end.

Empress Licia is a slender ebony goddess that loves to mind fuck men like you. She uses her powerful and seductive words to mesmerize you into giving up your money to her. The black woman wearing purple lipstick will become the only woman yo will ever need or want to care about. All of your hard earned money will go to her even though she will not give you anything in return.

Princess Lacey is a busty blonde wearing a black bra and matching panties. She asks you to give up your silly video games to worship her. The financial domination mistress knows that her younger slaves are into playing Xbox and Playstation. She thinks that you are getting lazy playing those video games and should spend your time worshiping her. You will get more sexual gratification if you just give her your money so she can buy more sexy underwear.

Danielle Mae is a financial domination goddess that is out to get all of your money. She blackmails you and your boss by showing you her hot ass while wearing a pair of denim cut off shorts. The uncensored video that she sent you will be sent to all of your family and friends unless you do what she wants. She is out to take all of you and your company's money.

Mistress Lesley Fox is a slender redhead that was paid cash in this POV shoot. She is wearing a red strapless dress that you paid for. The redheaded Mistress was paid for her time of dominating your finances. She only takes American currency so it is lucky for you that your wallet was full of paper money from that nation. Mistress Lesley Fox insults you by calling you a worthless loser but only after your money is safe in her hands.

This long-legged brunette Mistress loves all the money you give her for just being herself. She wears a sexy black mini dress with cut outs on the sides along with black stockings and high-heeled shoes. The money Mistress kneels on a chair and exposes her black panties and hot ass. Every thing that she is wearing was paid for with the money that she got from you because you are a loser.

Mistress Black Diamoond lights up a cigarette and smokes it. She shows the huge stack of paper money that you gave her for doing nothing. The brunette mistress also shows off the gifts that you gave for being financial dominated. The gifts include her expensive sunglasses, clutch and matching purse. Even the lighter was an expensive gift that you paid for. You don't even want to know how much her earrings set you back.

Jamie is a long-legged redheaded brat and she knows that she is greedy. She teases and talks to you about how she made you buy her the black mini dress that she is wearing. The leggy redhead loves being spoiled and she takes advantage of you every chance she gets. She even tells you how she got her black shoes with the light blue tips and high heels with the money that you gave her.

Mistress Isabella Tasci is relaxing in her office chair when she gets the urge to call her best friend. She takes off her neon pink sneakers and puts her stinky sock-covered feet on her desk top. The brunette Mistress is still talking to her girlfriend when she peels off her white ankle socks. She puts her sweaty bare feet on the desk. Mistress Isabella ends the phone call and admires her dirty socks.

Kitty Devine is a cute petite mistress with small breasts. She enjoys teasing and sweet talking to you so she will get paid for her precious time. The dominating blonde knows that you into femdom but you look down on sex works like her with disgust. You think that you're a big shot and that all women owe you something. Kitty Devine just wants a little money to remind you how superior she really is to you.

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