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You should have learned that it's dangerous to surf the web when you're bored, you idiot loser. You definitely not bored now, but you're certainly going to be broke when I'm through with you. You'll give me lavish gifts and pay me for my time. I'll let you see my sexy ass in thong panties, but you'll need to hand over every last note and PIN number.

Mistress Lesley Fox is a slender redhead that was paid cash in this POV shoot. She is wearing a red strapless dress that you paid for. The redheaded Mistress was paid for her time of dominating your finances. She only takes American currency so it is lucky for you that your wallet was full of paper money from that nation. Mistress Lesley Fox insults you by calling you a worthless loser but only after your money is safe in her hands.

Jamie is a long-legged redheaded brat and she knows that she is greedy. She teases and talks to you about how she made you buy her the black mini dress that she is wearing. The leggy redhead loves being spoiled and she takes advantage of you every chance she gets. She even tells you how she got her black shoes with the light blue tips and high heels with the money that you gave her.

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