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You are such a pathetic loser! Your dick is sooo small! Do you believe you can do anything with such a tiny thing? Of course, NO! I am sure that you are still a virgin! Of course you are, it is impossible to have sex with your tiny small thing! But this isn't everything! Humiliation isn't everything you deserve... You have to pay! You have to pay the "tiny dick tax"! So come on and pay me, loser!

Snobby princess Goddess Perfecta is a really cute but sadistic brat girl! And she loves to hurt men! While her cuckold lies down on the floor she calls me. She tells me that this loser has given her his hard earned money so we can spend it! This is so humiliating! But it's also a lot of fun! And this loser deserves nothing else! He has to pay her and me too! :D

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